Building Google Sites

In a mediacentric world, our students need to be creators, not just consumers of information.  Student created websites allow students to create and share information.  

Using Google Sites, a student can create, organize and maintain websites that can be securely shared with specific users.  Students can create personal e-portfolio styled sites including work stored in Google docs and multimedia files.  Schools can use these to support student led conferences and other reflective exercise’s.

Using Google Sites, students can co-create sites with other students from around the globe to address current issues, solve mysteries, and share ideas on solving problems.  All students can contribute to a collaborative site without a great deal of training and can incorporate other Google apps into their sites.

Learning to be self-reflective as well as working more collaboratively are skills that students will need for their future.  This session will share ideas and tips as well as offer hands on instruction on creating a Google site using Google apps for education.

Derek Harwell